Welcome to the Newtown High School
Technology Team's Website.

The Technology Team, exists to provide a social medium for the exchange of knowledge among students with a preexisting understanding and a never-ending curiosity regarding technology of all kinds, as well as a learning environment to increase the Team’s ability as a whole.

What do we do?

The Newtown High School Tech Team works to create a atmosphere where students are not only able to learn but gain experience in working in a technology field as well as gaining other real world skills such as teamwork and running a business. The Technology Team has been around for many years and continues to have a lasting impression on all its members.

Newtown Television

The team is in charge of managing the local student community access television station, NTV (Channel 194). The team contributes content to the channel and is also reponsible for maintenance and ensuring the broadcast is always running and entertaining.

Projects like This

Part of being a member of the team is personal projects. Project criteria is pretty broad, and we encourage projects involving any technology a member is passionate about. Even websites like this can count as a major project if it involves enough learning and personal growth.


At the forefront of the team is education. The team exists to provide a medium in which students can learn, engage, and perform in areas of technology in a fun and productive school environment.

Examples of our work

Game Dev

Game Dev are the Teams proejcts to create games, there are a lot of cool games that the Team has made. Anyone interested in downloading and playing our games can get them here.

Newtown Television

NTV is the local student-run community access TV station for Newtown, CT. The NHS Tech Team not only is in charge of this channel, but is responsible for it in nearly all regards.

Interested in Us?

If you think we can be of service to you or you wish to become a member, contact us below.

The Team Meets every Monday and Thursday in C080 directly after school.