What are Tech Team Projects?

One of the most important things members in the Tech Team do, is produce projects. These projects can be anything of technological value, whether they be a video, game, website, app, graphic, computer build or any other technological project. These projects can be used as a way for members to join the team as well as members creating them throughout their time in the team.

What you are seeing on this page are examples of the work that students have put toward the team.

Member Projects

As part of a requirement of the club, Members need to create monthly projects to show their continued commitment to the Team.

Probationary Projects

In order to join the Team, all students need to complete their Member first Project. This project is what is used when voting in new members to decide whether or not to vote them in as a member.

Team Projects

As with any Team, we have to work together, there are often Team projects that are worked on by larger groups of members.